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Our goal is to showcase the best Scottish whiskies has to offer and collaborate with creative Hong Kong artists. We specialize in hand selecting single cask whiskies from renowned distilleries in Scotland and add our own unique touch to maturation. These casks are then bottled into limited edition releases matched with our collaborators' designs to reflect the whisky's individual character.

Our team of experts carefully curates each batch to ensure they meet our standards of excellence in terms of taste and aroma. We work closely with the distilleries to source the highest quality barrels that are most capable of imparting unique and distinctive flavours.

We are proud to be a locally based independent bottler of Scotch whisky and look forward to sharing our passion and knowledge with whisky enthusiasts in Hong Kong and beyond.



Haigan Wong


With over 20 years in the F&B industry focusing on wine and liquors, Haigan provides access to his vast network and rich knowledge in whisky. Our chief sommelier crafts the lines of unique bottles by carefully selecting casks and testing maturation techniques.


Aron Wong


Trained as a lawyer for over 20 years, specialising in commercial law. Aron is an avid whisky connoisseur for over a decade and provides invaluable legal expertise on our whisky investment services.

Alex Cheung



Having spent the better parts of 16 years in media focusing on print and online publishing, Alex also honed his tastes as a wine and spirit critic during the past decade. He has gained invaluable insights into the creative aspects of brand building in the F&B industry.

Fred Mak


Having had an extensive 15 year career in financial industry, Fred decided to move into his true passion of whisky. He hopes to draw on his experience in commodities trading to offer clients invaluable insights in the growing whisky investment by picking winners and managing risks.

Francisco Botelho


Francisco has held a PHD in Physiology for over two decades. He has applied his knowledge to research factors that shape biological and emotional responses to consumer behaviour. In recent years Francisco has turned his attention to the world of whisky where his expertise has provided vital insights into the role of branding to enhance consumer experiences.

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