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HK Art Series 1 – Zoie Lam

Introducing our new range of premium whiskies, crafted in collaboration with none other than Zoie Lam - a Hong Kong artist known for her breathtaking works of art that perfectly capture the soul of our vibrant city.

Each bottle in this limited edition range is a true masterpiece, featuring one-of-a-kind artwork created exclusively for us by Zoie Lam herself. Every element has been carefully crafted to create a sensory experience that extends the story of our whisky into vivid images.

The two carefully selected bottlings were aged for a minimum of 11 years resulting in a smooth and rich flavor that is sure to captivate your senses. From the bold and smoky notes of our Islay whisky to the warm and inviting aroma of our Speyside whisky, each bottle in this range is an expression of our passion for whisky making, and our love for Hong Kong's unique culture and heritage.

At every step of the process, we have stayed true to our commitment to excellence, crafting whiskies that are not only a pleasure to drink but also a work of art that reflects the rich tapestry of life in Hong Kong. So whether you're a whisky connoisseur or simply looking to explore the rich flavours of this much-loved drink, our collaboration with Zoie Lam is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a truly unforgettable experience.

Linkwood 2010

A fruity bouquet of peaches, apricots and a light touch of grapefruit. Sweet honeysuckle and subtle candy tickles the senses. Finely balanced with a lingering long finish of dried fruit and spice.

Caol Ila 2008

A special dram with expressions of smoke, burnt wood, charred vanilla, tar, cedar wood with subtle floral notes and green apple. On the palate it is immensely intensive with burnt wood and smoke before mellowing out with the honey, melon, figs, papaya, soft round peat buttery notes before moving to a fresh long finish.

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