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Hong Kong's Love Affair with Whisky  


Hong Kong is known as Asia's food paradise. What is a little less well known is that whisky has always been a popular local tipple for many different occasions ranging from weddings to a casual dinner between family and friends.


"威" is a Cantonese term for being Awesome & Proud. Perhaps not by coincidence, whisky is also fondly referred to as "威". For many Hong Kong people, whisky and “威” has always been a symbol of our place in the world.


Demand for whisky is surging at a time when some distilleries are mothballed, while others are moving away from centuries-old methods of production. Casks that capture the traditional heritage of whisky are becoming increasingly scarce and often expensive. 

Hong Kong Whisky was founded by a group of whisky connoisseurs across different industries who wanted to bottle this nostalgia. We continuously search all over Scotland for rare products to bring to likeminded clients and consumers.


We proudly introduce our first line of whisky in collaboration with the classic Hong Kong comic “Old Master Q”. Look out for more upcoming products that showcases more "威" whisky and local culture!

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