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Whisky As An Investment

Asset Class


Who Are Hong Kong Whisky?


Hong Kong Whisky is a team of premiere financial advisors specialising in the sale of investment-grade whisky casks to investors around the globe. Innovative technology combined with a team of world renowned financial experts allow the company to build whisky portfolios that protect wealth and deliver unparalleled returns to investors.

At Hong Kong Whisky, we will ensure that you receive the most professional investment advice, respecting your own particular preferences. Our aim is to source and select for you only the finest and rarest whiskies available that are well positioned for unparalleled returns. Joining us on the journey of this intrinsically appreciating asset will be fun, profitable and fulfilling. Let’s get started today.

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Protecting Your Financial Future With A Solid Foundation


With financial markets experiencing large swings and becoming clouded in uncertainty, we began to question our reliance on traditional investment products. Clients needed to protect their future by building a solid foundation, grounded in tangible assets demonstrating strong historical returns across economic cycles. As we evaluated hundreds of asset classes, our team was shocked by the findings. One of the worlds most lucrative investments was being overlooked by most investors.


Discover The Wealth Building Power Of Whisky Investment


For decades, thousands of forward thinking investors have built substantial wealth by capitalising on the economics of the whisky industry. Investing in whisky casks offers the opportunity to capitalise on the natural appreciation of the single malt as it matures over time. Whisky investment brings peace of mind to any portfolio by delivering extraordinary historical returns with the security of a tangible asset that is surging in demand.


Now, you can put the power of whisky investment to work in your own portfolio.


8 Benefits of Whisky Cask Investing


#1. Investment Returns

Whisky Casks Have Consistently Generated Robust Historical Returns

When evaluating an investment, history tells an important story. Each asset included in an investment portfolio needs to be grounded in data that demonstrates its earning potential over time. While all the other benefits are important, the number one reason to invest in whisky is quite simple… You can earn better returns.


Over the past 5 years whisky casks have generated an average return of 12.4% per annum, with popular distilleries delivering even greater advances. There are few tangible assets that can boast such robust levels of growth under every economic cycle.

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